Quality of Life for Bear

Kristy has been offering energy healing sessions for my senior Newfoundland dog, Bear, since November 2013 when Bear began having more difficulty with his Arthritis and Myelopathy symptoms.  Her healing techniques have made a BIG difference in his life and has given him a lot more mobility and quality of life.  From being in a bad place this time last year (2013) after an inappropriate chiropractic adjustment that left him in a lot of pain, with Kristy's help he has really rebounded. 

A year later he has been enjoying small walks now for the past several months since the heat of the summer and enjoys his life in general.  Whenever she arrives to give him healing, his head perks up and he becomes very happy in anticipation of her visit, wagging his tail.  I don't know if Bear would be still with me if I hadn't been lucky enough to connect with Kristy and her wonderful healing ability.  She has truly helped me increase the quality of his life and has helped improve his ageing process. 

Elizabeth M., Boulder, CO