Kind Words

We consider Kristy a gift to our lives. She has offered her healing services to ourselves, personally and to our boxer, Frankie. She truly exudes a loving and calm energy. The biggest impact that we have seen come out of Kristy’s energy healing was for Frankie when she developed a lump on her hind leg. We were advised by our vets that it was benign, but needed to undergo surgery to be removed. We called upon Kristy and her healing touch to see if she could help us avoid surgery and we had success in only three sessions over a course of two months. I have attached the images of Frankie’s lump from start, progression and finish. She is free of her lump and back to her high-energy and loving boxer personality. We can’t thank Kristy enough for sharing her gift and avoiding the process of surgery.

From a personal standpoint, I called upon Kristy to offer her healing services to me when I was at a high level of stress and anger. I wanted to find a way to let it go, and Kristy was able to provide grounding, calming and healing almost immediately to me. I felt like I could breathe again and found the clarity to focus on a more positive attitude. Kristy is truly a gift to this work. We as a family would recommend her to anyone.
— Kari M., Arvada, CO

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Kristy worked with our Cocker Spaniel, Curly, using Quantum-Touch® energy healing with notable results. Kristy is very intuitive. Her work with Quantum-Touch® has the ability repair the body and soul in one, simple, and effective session. Kristy is very caring, gentle, and sympathetic towards the people she works with.
— Kurt and Lorraine P., Commerce City, CO
I have been struggling with anxiety for several years and was interested in a more natural method of healing that could help me. I scheduled an Energy Healing session with Kristy, and after my first session I was 100% better! I had no idea how much I needed this form of healing and thanks to Kristy and Quantum-Touch® healing I am truly blessed to be back! Kristy is a very compassionate, caring person and a true blessing in my life!
— Donna B., Belton, MO
I had such a wonderful Quantum-Touch® session with Kristy! Within only a few minutes after finishing our distance session my fever broke and my flu symptoms began to subside. Kristy has beautiful intuitive skills, and I seek her out when in need of an energy boost! She is wonderful and it’s been a blessing to know her!
— Dana P., Colorado Springs, CO
My experiences with Kristy’s Quantum-Touch® healing have always been by distance, and I do not think that it could have been more effective if we were in the same room. She has a beautiful, gentle spirit that comforts the places in ones body where it is holding pain. She has my full endorsement as a gifted healer and an amazing loving spirit.
— Annie M., Aspen, CO
Kristy’s warm & incredibly caring spirit helped me and my family tremendously during an emotionally difficult part of our journey with our dog, Kia. I felt that she gave not only Kia, but also my family, some peace during Kia’s end-of-life transition that we were experiencing after seventeen beautiful years with her.
— Bernadette U., Broomfield, CO