Frequently Asked Questions

What occurs during an energy healing session? 

I usually ask that you take an hour to dedicate for yourself while I'm in session with you.  If you are able to lay down and rest, this is ideal.  Your body will receive the energy the same regardless of your current activity, although it's best if you're able to rest and let your mind and body relax.  During this time that I am in session with you, healing energy is being offered while holding specific intentions for the energy to help with the issues and goals that you have.  All that's needed is that you relax and allow yourself to receive the healing energy that is being offered for you.  The same is asked of your pet if I'm in session with him/her. 

After our session is complete, I will send my detailed session notes by email to you.  These notes are specific to you and will share the areas on the body where healing energy was offered, any intuitive thoughts that came to me during your session, and the healing benefits of each of the crystals that were intuitively chosen and used for you (or your pet) during the session. 

How do I contact Kristy to schedule a session?

Please go to the Connect page here on my site and provide me with your name and information.  I will respond to your email as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours.  Please allow me to respond on Monday if the email is sent over the weekend.  You may also call (913) 961-2365 to schedule a session.  In the event of a health emergency, please contact your physician or veterinarian. 

How many sessions will I need before I feel better or see results?

Most people experience improvement during the very first session and witness the same for their pet.  Each person and animal processes and responds to the energy for their highest and greatest good and in a way that the body is ready for at the time of the session.  I'm honored to provide assistance in your and/or your pet's individual healing process.