Peach Moonstone Blk Jasper Butterfly Bracelet


Peach Moonstone Blk Jasper Butterfly Bracelet



This energy bracelet has been handmade with love using 6mm Peach Moonstone and Black Jasper beads, silver plated accent beads, and a bronze colored Butterfly bead on clear stretchy string.  

Enhanced with Quantum-Touch® energy healing for amplification of healing properties.

One size fits most, 6 1/2 - 7 1/2" wrist. 

Gift wrap and message are available.

Healing properties:

Peach Moonstone offers a sweet and loving energy, encourages positivity, divine love, stress relief, calming & soothing energy.  

Black Jasper supports with being grounded, connection with nature, offers protection from unhealthy energies, and gives strength & courage.  

Butterfly magic symbolizes personal change and transformation.  These beautiful creatures remind us to dance in happiness and gratitude for this life, to not take life too seriously, and to laugh and enjoy all the beauty and blessings that come with each day.

~Care Instructions~

For the longevity of your Harmony In Energy piece, I recommend the following:  

*Remove your piece prior to bathing and swimming.  Try to keep it dry at all times.  Tarnishing can naturally occur with wear. If this occurs, wipe gently with a jewelry polishing cloth. Do not use cleaning solution. 

*Cleanse and recharge your piece once a month (or as often as you like) by placing your piece in sunlight or Full Moon light for a minimum of 4 hours.  

Handmade with love and positive intentions.  Enhanced with Quantum- Touch® energy healing to amplify the healing properties as you wear your piece.  

Please email me with any questions or requests.  

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