Blue Apatite Starfish Charm Bracelet


Blue Apatite Starfish Charm Bracelet


This energy bracelet has been handmade with love using 5mm Blue Apatite beads, Czech glass accent beads, and a gold plated Starfish charm.  

Enhanced with Quantum-Touch® energy healing for amplification of healing properties.

One size fits most, 6 1/2 - 7 1/2" wrist. 

Gift wrap and message are available.

Healing properties:
Blue Apatite is a wonderfully supportive stone during meditation, enhances intuition and spirituality, supports the Throat chakra and in speaking one's truth, soothes heartache, supports emotional well-being.  

Starfish are the universal and celestial symbol of divine love.  These beautiful creatures are believed to have a connection with the stars and offer loving guidance during troubling times in life.  Starfish offer the energies of rejuvenation, inspiration, renewal, and happiness.

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